We would recommend Rob Johnson with confidence as a top-notch
custom home builder. We were pretty intimidated, and at the same time,
excited, with the prospect of building a custom home. As soon as we
signed our contract with Rob, we knew that we had made the right
decision. Rob built our new home less than half a mile from our old home,
which meant that we drove by our construction site every day (more like
two or three times a day). Rob was excellent at keeping us updated on
the progress and was very responsive to our needs. Any time a question
arose, he always called to clarify what we wanted. Consequently, our
home looks exactly like we envisioned it.

Rob was as concerned with quality as we were, if not more so. It was
evident to us that he took great pride in the detail of his work. He has a
hands-on, one-on-one relationship with his homeowners, which we greatly
appreciated. We will forever be grateful to Rob and his team.

David & Jadie Thomas

“…top-notch custom home builder…”

“…hands-on, one-on-one relationship with his homeowners…”

After years of moving among cities in the U.S. and Canada, we are
pleased to be back in Brentwood and Williamson County. There are
many lifestyle advantages here. One that we are very pleased with is
our Johnson Custom Home which we bought in March 2006.

It is well designed and the quality of construction is excellent. Rob
Johnson has been meticulous in the construction and attention to
detail in our home, and personally involved in the day to day process.
His focus is quality construction, on time delivery, and customer

We could not be more pleased with our new home and Johnson Custom
Homes. Our insurance company appraised our home shortly after we
moved in. The appraiser specifically noted superior construction
practices and our home appraised for well more than our investment
in it. It has been a true pleasure meeting and dealing with Rob Johnson
in every respect, and our home was ready two weeks before expected.

If these attributes are important to you in your search for a new home,
talk to Rob Johnson. You will be glad you did.


SuzAnne & Larry Simmons

“… focus is on quality construction, on time delivery, and customer satisfaction…”

“… Appraiser specifically noted superior construction practices…”

Our search for a new home began as a hunt for a dump that we could fix
up and totally customize to my wife’s standards. After a few failed
attempts at finding such a place and realizing that neither of us had the
time to invest in such a project, we expanded our search to include new
construction. We looked at every Brentwood home in our price range and
discovered that most just weren’t “finished” the way we felt a house of
that price range should be.

We literally stumbled across one of Rob’s houses in Willowmet after
deciding to postpone the move for another year. After about the third
time my wife exclaimed, “I just love that”, we decided that we needed
that house. Fortunately, it was sold. I say we were fortunate because
had we bought that house, we never would have had the experience of
working with Rob to build the wonderful home (which is right around the
corner) we live in now. He took my wife’s “I just love that” and gave her
the freedom to make it her own, not that it took much. A little extra
granite and some hardwood, along with a pot rack in the kitchen, and she
is one extremely happy chicken.

The best compliment we could offer Rob actually came from my mother–
in–law, a perennial top 10 real estate agent from the Memphis area. A
cautious skeptic throughout the build, she joined us for the walkthrough
prior to closing. She actually brought her own roll of blue tape. After we
completed the walkthrough, she pulled me aside and said that it was the
best finished house she had ever seen. Nothing I could say could even
begin to compare to that.

Thanks Rob. When the urge to move hits us again, you’ll be the first call
we make.


Rick and Julie Stephenson

“…Top 10 Real Estate Agent From The Memphis Area…”

“…Said That It Was The Best Finished House She Had Ever Seen…”

We were privileged to work with Rob “from the ground up” during the
construction of our new home in Brentwood. We were always impressed
with his integrity, professionalism, and availability. Rob was at the job site
almost daily and was open to helping incorporate our ideas. His advice was
always sound; the end result is a beautiful solid home customized to be
uniquely ours. We will enjoy our beautiful home for many years and we
confidently recommend Rob Johnson to anyone planning to build a new

Rick and Bette Loyd

“…The End Result Is A Beautiful Solid Home Customized To Be Uniquely Ours…”